Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Some Things Never Change

“It’s comfortable here…” “This is like Main Street USA…” “Everybody is so friendly here…” “We want our grandkids to see what we enjoyed as kids…”

People on Old Forge’s Main Street have slightly different things to say, but the same theme resonates.

It’s nice to know some things and some places don’t really change that much. The character of Old Forge has had the same appeal for the same reasons since the mid-1800s. Summer in Old Forge is lush forests, accessible mountain viewpoints, and, of course, water.

Before the roads and railroads, our highways were the waterways of the Adirondacks. Everyone used those waterways. We still have those waterways, and many more ways to enjoy them. This weekend  is the Antique and Classic Boat Show, highlighting the bygone days on our water.

We have created the Central Adirondack Paddle Challenge to encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the water. What’s the challenge? Get out and do it. Paddle one mile or 100 miles, lakes or rivers, remote ponds or whitewater adventures. Bring your own boat, buy, rent, or borrow. Check in with local boat shops, take one minute to register, and get your program decal to put on your vehicle, boat, paddle, pack, wherever.  It’s free, and it’s for everyone. Local outlets have gear and information, if you need to pick up essentials or just get ideas. Many paddlers have their favorite spots, and want new options.

Everyone finds the same friendly, casual demeanor that defines Old Forge. Pretty much what folks have discovered in Old Forge for generations.