Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year


Just like last season, the early snow which jump-started our winter recreation fizzled, then December closed out with a snow storm which put us back in business. Although the recent snow is more style than substance, it lifts spirits and spotlights the Central Adirondacks as one of the few areas in the state with winter recreation.


Winter is white again, and everyone is more than ready                                                 Snowshoe hiking remains popular,

 to get out and enjoy it.                           Kurt Gardner photo                                                     and doesn't require much snow.


McCauley Mountain is rebounding as usual due to the efforts of the snowmaking and grooming crews. Typically, when coverage is minimal and snow conditions are tough, McCauley remains one of the few ski areas operating. Since Christmas, many snowmobilers who were waiting to ride went to McCauley for their snow-sliding fix. While the lack of snow frustrated cross country skiers, many found happiness in winter hiking on the trails, even on the climb to Bald Mountain. Snow remained in the woods where the trails are sheltered, and hikers put on their snowshoes for easy traveling.

After a great launch at SNODEO, the snowmobile season stumbled through the December monsoons, which took our base. Looks better than it is; more snow needed.