Thursday, June 28, 2018

Black Bear Mountain
View from Black Bear Mountain. Some of the High Peaks are in this view.

I remember my first time hiking up Black Bear Mountain. I did not have much experience hiking mountains, which made the climb a little intimidating.   Like many hikes, people gave me their opinions of this mountain trail and some descriptions made it sound extremely hard, like they were lucky they survived the day. Others claimed it was easy. But everyone agreed that it was a nice day trip. I figured I’d just have to do it and see for myself.  

After signing in at the trail register, my dog and I started a lovely walk up through the woods.  It was fall and the trail was vibrant with oranges, browns, reds, and warm golden tones.

The beginning of this trail is an easy gradual incline that is hardly even noticed.  Some spots were muddy, but the trail is well marked and easy to follow. The joke among my hiking friends and me is, “You haven’t really been on a true Adirondack hike unless you come back with muddy boots.”  

 The trail came to a “Y” and I decided to take the right turn and follow the yellow trail discs.  This way is the harder of the two ways up, but shorter (3.8 miles round trip).  If you decide to go straight and follow the blue disc markers, you will find it an easier climb, but muddier and longer (4.4 miles round trip). Or you may decide to do the two trails as a loop making it a 6.3 mile trip.

 I continued to enjoy the delightful woods and flat wide trail with some muddy spots. Eventually, the trail began a rockier, but not difficult, gradual incline. When I looked up at the rock boulders closer to the top, I thought they looked huge, but I managed to scramble and pull myself up. It was well worth the climb as I admired the beautiful view.




The trail actually goes to the right of this, so you can avoid this scary looking boulder.
Since that first time, I have been up Black Bear many times.  I have since had the experience of harder mountains; I am surprised at how much easier it now seems.  But the view from the summit still amazes me. On clear days you can see some of the high peaks off in the distance.
 Lately, I had the chance to take a friend up Black Bear Mountain for her first time hiking to the top. It was marvelous all over again as I saw her astonishment and appreciation of the scenic view.

Black Bear Mountain’s parking area is located on Route 28, between Inlet and Eagle Bay. The parking area is part of an old road paralleling the highway and it is a shared parking area for Rocky Mountain.

The sign for Black Bear Mt. on the side of Route 28.